24 HOUR HOTLINE (808) 524-7273
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Web Chat is Available Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Excluding Holidays)

To access our hotline via web chat, please read the safety advisory below and click on the link. You can also access our web chat hotline by sending a text to (808) 524-7273 within the hours listed above. The web chat link will then be sent to your phone.

Disclaimer: We do not give permission to have these chats recorded or screenshotted. 

Click here to connect to a crisis worker via web chat.

Safety Considerations

Our web chat is end-to-end encrypted. Therefore, only you and the crisis worker you're chatting with can read the content of the messages being sent. The content of the messages do not get saved anywhere on your device. Once you close the chat window, the history of messages will be gone.

However, there are still important safety risks to be aware of:

There is no technology anywhere that can prevent information from being read on a device that has a virus, malware, or spyware installed on it. If a spyware or virus program is able to record keystrokes or take screenshots every X number of seconds, there is nothing that can be done to make the device safe.

If you believe your device may have been compromised, it is safer to use another device to connect with us or call our 24-hour hotline at (808) 524-7273 from an unmonitored phone.