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Stories & Testimonials

Read the inspirational stories of sexual assault survivors in Hawai'i. See how they persevered through the trauma and found support through the Sex Abuse Treatment Center. Plus, read about SATC care-givers who have a passion for helping survivors heal.

Someone I Thought I Knew Well
Most people have heard of the fight or flight response which is your body’s reaction to perceived danger or stress. What I didn’t know about is called a freeze response. This is another way the human body responds in survival mode.  This freeze response is exactly what occurred when I was raped.
I Finally Knew That I Was Safe
For the very first time, I could sleep in my bed without any troubles, any worries. Although, I woke up with puffy eyes, and my hair messed up, I finally knew that I was safe. But I still had a hard time sleeping from the memories and flash backs.
To My Brothers Living in Silence
I moved to Hawai'i and found the Sex Abuse Treatment Center. Through their help and the support of my loving and caring wife, I have been able to see the connection between the symptoms and the root cause of my issues. I have been able to tell my family and close friends about the abuse, and most importantly, have forgiven myself.
I told. I survived. You can too.
As a victim of sexual abuse, I attended therapy and I continue my healing today by telling others about my history. I am currently helping The Sex Abuse Treatment Center to educate counselors and teachers about sexual abuse prevention, and how to be appropriate with child victims who disclose. Each time I am able to talk about my experiences, I take back a little more of the power my perpetrators had over me.
From Victim to Survivor
For years whenever I read or heard about a sex assault I never fully understood what that meant or even what it entailed. It’s obvious when a child is involved however when an adult is involved I sometimes questioned what the ‘real story’ was. I found myself debating that maybe that person put themselves in a precarious situation like drinking too much or a person regretting a one-night stand. I stereotyped the victim until I became a victim myself.
Providing a Safe Space
Hawai‘i Pacific University is committed to providing a safe, respectful and healthy learning environment, with a particular focus on the urban, downtown community. Everyone at HPU plays an important role in fostering a safe campus by encouraging honest conversations about topics such as alcohol, consent, healthy relationships, safety, and sex. HPU is ever mindful of the correlation between alcohol consumption and sexual assault, and proactively administers training for its students and the community on this issue.
Helping as a Bystander
I looked around saying to myself, Why is nobody intervening? Then I realized, I’m the bystander guy! I’ve facilitated dozens of trainings for students and communities on how to intervene in these types of situations. It dawned on me that I needed to do something.
Educating Future Generations
As a health teacher for 10 years at Mililani High, I have learned that development of curriculum, access to resources, and community collaboration are key elements in promoting a positive engaging learning experience as well as providing at-risk students with the support structures they need to live healthy lives.
The Untold Story of SATC
When Dr. Saiki found out about this, he made it his personal mission to change this horrible condition. He had a vision: to create a center complete with medical care, evidence collection, and counseling services for victims of sexual assault.